Redefine Your Living Space With Your Furniture

What is the first thing you do when you get home? Kick those shoes out of your feet and sink deep in your couch. Sounds familiar isn't it? If you think about it, any house is just a bunch of rooms put together unless you furnish it with furniture and other accessories. Think of the time you moved out of your old house. How does your house really look when it's empty? You already have the answer. Don't you?

It is quite obvious that the way you furnish your home is what gives your living space its distinctive character. So how do you choose the right kind of furniture for your home living? Does having a beautiful looking home have to burn a hole in your pocket? Read on and you will find some useful tips along the way.

The Living room!

The name says it all! It is where you spend most of your time in and is most probably the place where your guests will be seated too. So, choosing the right kind of furniture to serve both the purpose is very important.


The living room sets the mood of your house, so you should choose its décor wisely. Instead of just filling in your room with couches, chairs and a coffee table, choose a theme first. The rustic look never goes out of style and can be so warm and inviting. Wooden furniture with a rugged finish does very well to create a rustic ambience.

If it’s a more urban look that you prefer, then go for modern furniture which combines minimalistic looks and function. They are the perfect choice for compact urban homes as they can make even a smaller space look bigger and furnished without much ado.

For a more sophisticated look you can choose a Victorian or the Tuscan theme. A country styled theme will work for those who love simplicity. If you like to relive your childhood, then you can even choose the retro look.

Isn't it enough if the furniture I buy looks nice?

Many a times, people find themselves in a situation where a piece of furniture that looked so heavenly at the furniture shop, didn't look as appealing when it came home. Magazines and furniture shops can tempt you to buy furniture because of the way they are exhibited. The themes and background are carefully selected to bring out the beauty of the product. So instead of just falling for the looks, plan ahead with the following things in mind before your buy your furniture.


1. Function

Every room has a different function and so naturally the furniture you choose should keep that as the number one priority. Beds should be both comfortable and sturdy for a good night's sleep. Choose your couches or sofas based on the daily wear and tear factor. Buy delicate and high maintenance couches only if you have a separate seating area meant just for guests.

Coffee tables serve both the purpose of function and beauty. Console tables can be added to improve the overall aesthetics of a room. Furniture for storage such as cupboards and chest of drawers avoid clutter and give a very organized look.

2. Materials

More than how a piece of furniture looks, it's very important for it to be strong and well constructed. Furniture that is used in home living is usually expected to last at least a decade. So the material that goes into making the furniture determines its durability. Wooden furniture is the most durable but takes care not to buy the modern compressed wood versions. Test the strength of the frame by lifting it. It should produce no squeaks and not feel flimsy.

Invest in a good brand that is known for its craftsmanship as even the strongest of wood will not last if not assembled properly. The quality of the upholstered materials also needs to be considered if you want your furniture to last.

3. Shape and size

Most pieces of furniture come in standard sizes so that they can fit most homes. But it is wise to first measure the place where you would like to place your furniture.  In case of a small space, you will need to buy customized sofas or tables to fit whereas in case of a larger space, you will have to add accessories like console tables, additional chairs etc.

Sometimes, the shape of your table or couch can make a whole difference to the look of your living room. Mixing up different shapes can make a room look chaotic even if they don't take up too much space. Couches with rounded edges are good for larger spaces than those with angled ones.

4. Placement

A simple thing as just where you place your piece of furniture can change the way it looks. Your coffee table, for instance should be just a few inches from your couch so that there is enough room for your legs but not too much that you can't reach it.

A side table next to the bed gives it a more complete look than a standalone bed, no matter how large it is. Also it's important to have enough walking space around the furniture to avoid accidents.

I don't have the ideal space for furniture!

Urban living has shrunk houses into bare minimum living spaces. But this does not mean you have to compromise on your furniture. Compact and space saving furniture are not a concept anymore.

We now have coffee tables that double as dining tables. Dining tables come with sliding tops to make them bigger when required. Even beds don’t have to take up all the space in your bedroom as they can be pushed against the wall with just a twist of a lever.

I love compact furniture, but I hate all the maneuvering!

If you thought, space saving furniture was the heights of innovation, then thing again. The love for multi-use furniture will fade with time when you don't want to do so many fancy moves to just jump into your bed after a tired day.

Robot furniture is here to make things easier for you. So just push a button or wave your hand and your living room will be converted to your bedroom!